In Mo(ve)ments: What It Is…

In Mo(ve)ments is a website about dance, body movement, intuitive improvisation, and anything else related to open self-expression and emodied knowledge.  It will include anything related to dance, choreography, dance techniques, and movement exercises or practices that connect the mind and the body, increasing self-awareness and awakening ourselves up to our inner emotions and urges wanting to be expressed or understood.

I have come up with the expression “In Mo(ve)ments” to correspond to the experience of movement as expression of ‘moments’, hence the (ve).  These expressed moments can be spontaneous, occuring as improvisation in the moment which awakens parts of ourselves normally hidden or repressed. After this awakening, we can begin to explore that which has surfaced, learning more about our true selves.  Or these moments can refer to choreographed stories.  I believe dance can act a narrative vehichle to unify the self. Through choreographic gestures we give form to emotions, experiences, and parts of our self formerly misunderstood or fragmented.  This form acts as a symbolic structure to integrate experience and give meaning to parts previously meaningless.

I am a dancer, trained in different forms of dance from ballet to modern to african and jazz.  However, I work more with finding my own style and movement patterns and rhythms. I spend a lot of time in the studio alone doing improvisation to learn my own body. What feels good, what feels right, what is new, what can I experiment with, what can I push my body to do that it hasn’t done before.  I am also a choreographer.  I started by choreographing solos for myself, but have recently choreographed my own group pieces, and group pieces for others.  My personal choreography typically deals with emotions I am experiencing or psychological states I want to give physical form. The group pieces are a bit more conceptual.

I am open to working with other dancers, or non-dancers, one on one to work on understanding bodily expression, and also open to collaborating with other dancers or intuitive movers.


Chloë Ilene

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